Goals are always an interesting topic of conversation. Most of the time it trails off into a conversation about goals we have had but ended up giving up on because they were “too had to achieve”, or at least so we tell our self. Previously I have set goals and an obstacle of some kind ended up getting in the way. At this point I generally thought to my self “Well shit, this is too hard now I guess I’ll just give up”. Okay that’s probably not what I thought but I assure you it was often something very similar. Essentially I gave up because I didn’t want to put in the effort. As I sit here now I realize that if I had put in just that little bit more effort into some of those goals I would probably have achieved some by now or would have got damn close. Although giving up is always the easier option and often in our minds the better option, there is a key concept that I am learning that I would like to share with you. There is ALWAYS a way to achieve your goal.

I am currently in my final year at high school and am starting to prepare my self for my end of year exams in under 4 months. After completing exams we (Australian year 12 students) are given something called an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) score, which is used when trying to apply for university courses. Each university course has a set score each applicant needs to meet in order to get into the course, for example 98.85 is the 2015 ATAR score requirement to complete a Bachelor of Bio-medicine at University of Melbourne. Although the ATAR requirement for any one course may change a few points in either direction, with the highest obtainable ATAR being 99.95 a 98.85 can seem like a hard ask. Hypothetically if I were to receive a score of 94.30 and wanted to apply for Melbourne’s Bio-med. course, it’s not likely I will get in if there are a number of applicants with scores meeting and higher the requirement. However like I said there is ALWAYS a way. Luckily we have the option to move into the course after completing a year of TAFE or starting a different course and then changing in. There is ALWAYS a way.

Don’t give up on your goals. If you run into a roadblock its okay those things happen, just take some time to think and way up your options. If you’re having trouble talk to someone else about it. They may not necessarily have the answers to your specific problem but they can still give you advice. If you consult a parent, teacher or any other kind of authority figure in your life, it’s likely they have faced a similar problem in life. Don’t just give up as soon as it gets hard, it always feels better in the end if you have to put in the hard yards to get there.

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading the first post on The Word Board! I am not honestly completely convinced that it was up to the standard I want it to be but I spent far too long thinking about the perfect first post topic and I just HAD to get something up. As I get a few more posts under my belt in this new “style” I am using I am confident I can go back to feeling as good about my blogging as I felt releasing content for AOW.

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