Blogging misconceptions

There must be something in the water, because I’m not honestly sure what it is that prompts some of the ideas I’ve heard and seen based around blogging. My theory is a mixture of facts or information people get from real bloggers and the ideas people get from movie/TV portrayals of bloggers. Although most of the portrayals are somewhat accurate, occasionally there are ones that are somewhat… Creative. So here and now I just want to clear up/ give my view on some of the blogging-based misconceptions I have heard of:

  1. Blogging is for sharing your feelings: Okay I can admit this much is true but in a completely different way to what is often thought of, primarily when people are taking at blogging. Blogging covers a wide array of topics ranging from blogs for movie buffs to cooking blogs to blogs like mine where people just speak their minds. Blogging IS NOT just people confessing their feelings like it were an online diary, it does happen but it’s only one of the many uses a blog can have.
  2. Blogging is easy: With or without a common theme to your blog, writing consistent content isn’t always a walk in the park. I personally have gone from writing multiple posts a week to multiple posts a month to one post a week consistently, thinking of a new topic for each and every post can be difficult. On one circumstance I went a month without posting anything because I couldn’t think of a topic that felt right to me.
  3. Getting followers is easy: It is highly unlikely that a blogger is going to become popular as soon as they start blogging. Much like speech writing or novel-writing blogging is about getting the reader’s attention and with out word of mouth and a little bit of luck, getting followers isn’t an instantaneous occurrence. Without people knowing your blog exists or where to find it, the viewer and follower count isn’t likely to go up.
  4. Bloggers don’t know what they’re talking about: This one in particular is a misconception that seriously annoys me. IT seems to be a common thought that just because bloggers aren’t experts in all the areas they cover they have no idea what they’re talking about therefore their opinions are irrelevant. This couldn’t be any less wrong. Bloggers are some of the most passionate and achieved writers I’ve ever seen and research their ideas before posting to their sites. Posting without knowing what you’re talking about can seriously hurt credibility, the last thing a blogger wants.
  5. Blogging is just a hobby: like I just said, bloggers are some of the most passionate writers I have ever seen. Some bloggers blog to make money by definition making it a job and not a hobby but even with a separate job blogging is more than a hobby. For bloggers (including my self) blogging is an escape, a way to release stress and get away from anything causing troubles in daily life.

Blogging is more than some people make it out to be, don’t let a biased opinion or someone trying to bring it down influence you and make you feel otherwise.


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