The football fan phenomenon/ pastime aggression.

SIDE NOTE: When I say football I mean the AFL (Australian Football League) not Soccer, NFL or even the American AFL (Arena Football League).

For the longest of time I had nothing close to a solid idea as to why it is people get so worked up about a football game. I go to football games (not so much anymore) and often see one of the many players on the ground will get tackled in a somewhat iffy way. After the player is tackled and both men/ all involved hit the ground one of the most annoying noises in the world (in my opinion) then ensues. Tens of thousands of fans roaring at the umpire all at once hoping he’ll make the call they want followed by close to half of those fans groaning/roaring/swearing-in displeasure and while the other half are high-fiving and ALMOST spilling their beer mid celebration.

It absolutely astounds me as to how much emotion could come out of something so simple. Seriously! The umpire has made his decision, fat lot of good whining and complaining like five-year olds is going to do. After some careful research and some risky first hand experience I have discovered why it is such a reaction takes place. Pastime aggression.

Pastime aggression is like passive aggression where a particular person is taking out their anger indirectly using a favourite pastime or hobby, in this case AFL. Or at least yelling at the umpires at the AFL.

I can understand being passionate about a sport and getting emotional about it, I have had a few of those moments in my time but when it gets to the point where people are hurling abuse at other people, players or umpires, that’s where I draw the line. There’s completely no need to get aggressive at all let alone that aggressive, the game’s going to over in within a few hours and there’s going to be another game next week. Why can’t people have their moments and get over it. I’ve seen pastime aggression so extensive that it almost caused a fight. Naturally egos are going to clash and people are ALWAYS going to think that their team is better than everyone else’s, but people really don’t need to be getting into fights about it.

Pastime aggression can come in all shapes and sizes. Have you ever been pastime aggressive? Have you seen any good examples? If so leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!




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