Blogging is a lifestyle.

Two years ago I created An Opinionated World as a way to pass the time, as a way to share my thoughts and ideas with a world that often ignored people’s opinions on topics or areas they’re not “experts” on. Shortly after, I became addicted. I was posting 2-3 times a day multiple times a week, they weren’t even remotely good (trust me, they were doozies) but I was committed so I kept at it. Not long after I dropped down to posting 2-3 times and then eventually once a week but had become more confident in my content as I got better. A few months into blogging when I dropped down to posting whenever I could scrounge up an idea for a post I realised something that’s been pretty consistent to this day. Blogging is hard!

It’s been 43 days since I last posted something and normally I can find a way to push through a writer’s block and I’d have a post out 2 or 3 weeks later at most, but this is different. In a conversation I had the other day with another blogger I said that life’s a blogger’s kryptonite and regardless of the fact I was the one that said it, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Until we find a way to monetize our blogs and we’re able to focus on blogging more we have jobs, we have school, and we have lives that conflict with blogging.

In hindsight blogging can rather consuming. When I have forced my brain to think of ideas, practically beat myself up for not posting on time and spent an unnecessary amount of time or stayed up way too late to get a post done (I’m doing it as we speak/ type/ read) it would seem like it’s verging on an unhealthy addiction but when the post FINALLY gets out, the thought of people reading my writing makes it all worth it.



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