6 years in review

As the end of the year draws closer so too does the end of the school year meaning that within the next few weeks I would put out a post entitled “A year in Review” where I would talk about roughly what happened throughout the year. I thanked teachers, talked about my experiences and somehow tried to slide in what I thought was a lesson based off my antics throughout the year. When I previously wrote these posts I named them “A year in Review”, but not this year. This year it’s entitled “6 years in review”, and that’s because this year is special. This year I FINALLY finish high school and I’m celebrating. Almost.

Friday just passed (two days ago) I had my last EVER high school class and in 22 days I will be completely done as I finish my last exam. To think that something I have been doing for roughly a third of my life is about to come to a close causes a mixture of all kinds emotions to swirl around my brain. 6 years ago I walked into my school as a short, annoying and optimistic year 7 ready for what ever high school had in store for me and now I am about to walk out of school as less short, still annoying and optimistic adult/former year 12.

It’s easy to say that my school experience over the past 6 years has been a rather interesting one with a number of ups and a good number more downs but now as I sit here writing about it’s somewhat clear that it hasn’t had any profound effects on me. As I sit here writing I also look back confused why in the hell I did, said and believed some of the things I did. On top of this I can also say that even though that a number of times over the past two years I have posted about how much I hate school or about how stupid I think the system of it is, I often made it seem as it was a lot worse than it actually is.
Although unintentional my anti school posts were often FULL of hyperbole with a number of them being motivated by negative emotion. As much as I made it seem like school is purely a negative experience I did actually enjoy most of the time I spent in school.

The more look back on my high school years the more I feel like I wouldn’t want to change a thing. I have worked with a number of great teachers and shared experiences (and emotions) with some of the best and most interesting people I have ever met. Even though we will part ways and it’s likely that any sort of communications with some of my fellow year 12’s will cease, I will forever keep in my mind the memories of the times we shared both good AND bad for the purpose of future nostalgia and any life lessons I may need in the coming years.

Cheers high school, you’ve been great.

P.S.This post is shorter than previous years in review posts (about 200 words shorter to be exact) and is a little vague but to be honest I feel that this is the best way I can write it. Minus the concept of year 12 being the last year of high school, nothing really happened that was any more exciting than any years previous. This year mainly consisted of studying and overcoming issues (related to studying).

However. Next year is a new year and a new chapter in my life. I foresee many exciting posts and a comparably more interesting year in review post when 2016 too comes to an end.



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