The internet scares me.

These days we do EVERYTHING on the internet. We socialise, watch tv, buy useless junk and even do our jobs using the internet proving that it can be a truly remarkable thing. Then again it’s full of bigots and ignorant keyboard warriors that make me want to douse my devices in lighter fluid and move to a country that doesn’t have a translation for “internet connection” let alone a signal to watch those utterly STUPID JOHN CEEEEENA “videos”.


The internet WAS a great thing. Truly revolutionary when it was first used as early as the 1960’s, and as it continues to evolve and expand a plethora of great things will come from it’s new uses and the ones yet to be discovered or invented. It’s astonishing how far such a useful tool has come… So much so if you stuck yourself in a time machine, went back 30 or so years and told someone about the way the internet is today, it’s QUITE LIKELY they call you mad. Kind of like that scene in Back to the Future 3 where Doc Brown is telling people in the bar about what the future’s like.

If I could I’d give the internet and ALL of it’s users a slightly vigorous fast paced slow clap for how AMAZING we’ve all been. BUT I CAN’T so I WON’T.


Of ALL the good uses the internet can be used for, “people” (re-enter the bigots and ignorant keyboard warriors) still chose to go and be a mophead and ruin one of if not the greatest invention this planet has EVER seen.

The internet is MEANT to be for fun, easy access, exciting and  slightly A LOT unsociable entertainment instead of abusing people you don’t know just because you can or because “it’s fun”. If you want to make someone angry, go outside and do it. That way you’ll at least get some benefit from the physical activity actually going somewhere and increased respiratory activity provides.

PRETTY PLEASE can we just go back to the internet that was Myspace top fives and adorable cat videos!?



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