The creative process is a bitch.

Post content edited: 2/2/2016.

Often you see posts and various kinds of articles where the title is a bit of an overstatement of the main point of the article but in this situation it’s not really all the possible to exaggerate. The process of bringing a post together through coming up with ideas and actually sitting down to write it can be rather painful sometimes.

The overall goal of blogging (or at least my goal) is to be posting content that both myself and the people reading it enjoy it the first time they read it and again if/when they read it for a second or third time. With this in mind me and my brain collectively often end up overthinking what ever it is I’m writing about and the post ends up on the cutting room floor.

In my time blogging, across all of my blogs (including collaboration posts on other blogs) I have accumulated a high post count. After your post count passes into the hundreds, thinking of ideas can start to become a bit of a chore. This is especially true in my case since I only have a general theme in writing about my opinions as opposed to writing about food or travel.

Once I actually think of a topic and get to writing it I’m completely in the zone. I think to myself “Yes I’ve FINALLY done it” like I’ve cured a major disease or something. For a while I’ll just write whatever comes to mind, take a sip of whatever hot beverage is on hand and then read it back to myself obsessively analysing it like it would be the end of the world if I made a mistake or poorly expressed one of my points. Then naturally I cut out 90% of what I just wrote before moving onto the next paragraph.

If I manage to make it through all of that with all my limbs and brain still attached then I have succeeded. I have managed to write myself a post or part/most of a piece or novel.

P.S I am yet to write an entire post and delete it because I “Wasn’t feeling it” or something along the lines of that. If I get to that point there is no hope left for me.


One thought on “The creative process is a bitch.

  1. I’ve deleted posts before, rather than publish them, but…

    I approach it with a slightly different mindset. I try not to place to much importance on any one post, and sometimes I find it’s better to start from scratch rather than torturing myself with trying to completely restructure something I’ve botched beyond recognition and any real hope of being what I meant to say in the first place. Usually I write the new post before deleting the old one, just in case, and doing this is kind of rare for me too, but I do sometimes reach a point where I decide to cut my losses and either try again (which usually benefits from the failed attempt because I kind of instinctively have a feel for where I went wrong, so trying again from scratch usually turns out better than the unsatisfactory first attempt) or move one.


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