What I did and Why.

Post content edited: 2/2/2016.

I’m not too sure if anyone has so far realised the changes I have made to my blog but they are some rather big changes so for a moment I’m just going to talk about what changes I made and why. I’m not sure how long this post will be or if it will be of decent length, it is here purely as an explanation.

Five or so months ago I created The Word Board as a space to facilitate the new style of blogging I was working on. I wanted to start writing more serious content and decided to start the new blog as opposed to deleting everything I had on my old blog and starting fresh, ruining everything I had built over the past 2 and a bit years.

Even though for a while I felt happy with how the blog looked and was proud of the new content I was writing, it just didn’t feel right for some reason. I was having fun with what I was doing but trying to rebuild the so far decent reader base I already had on my old blog just didn’t come as naturally as it did when I first gained the followers.

So what does this mean and what have I actually done?
Although I was originally rather hesitant in doing so, I changed up the look of my old blog and deleted all the old posts turning An Opinionated World into The Word Board 2.0. It’s more or less the same look (minus the few extra widgets I added) as the original Word Board looks with the EXACT same posts and all of the AOW followers.

Why change the blog if you weren’t going to originally? Even though I’ve made all these visual changes and even changed the name of my blog it’s STILL my baby. It’s still the blog I have worked hard on for 2 years trying to make it the closest thing I can get to perfect. Changes happen. Just think of it like someone dyeing his or her hair and moving to a new state.

So YES I am back! Not to AOW necessarily but I am back on this blog and ready for action. For all of my followers who have come to know and love An Opinionated World over the past 2 years THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything that you’ve done for me. I hope you will stick around and join me in YET ANOTHER new chapter in my blogging story but if this is where it ends for you, I hope you have a nice day and good luck with all of your adventures in the future.


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