Unpopular opinion: Please read all the way to the end.

This generation is seriously going to complete shit, and that I say with great disappointment because I am a part of this generation. Each and everyday I see more and more people getting picked on, more and more ignorance, more and more sexism and racism etc. and it’s an utter disgrace. There are people’s Facebook pages that you can open and every second post is about them getting picked on or something they feel is wrong with the world and that is truly sad. I have made mistakes in my time but I am able to look back and acknowledge that I have and use them to better my self, a SKILL I seldom see in most teenagers these days.

KIDS 13-18, SHAPE UP! What I see from you more often than is disgusting and brings about more and more negativity for the age gap. You have NO RIGHT to be picking on someone because there is NO justifiable reason, not even because they were picking on someone else. The most common reasoning behind bullying consciously and subconsciously is because the victim is weak, because the victim is vulnerable…. BULLSHIT! Real weakness is having to exert your dominance on someone who can barely defend him/herself just so you can look “cool”. You’re not “cool”, cool is anything below 18 degrees. Cool is anything you’d have to put a jumper on to feel comfortable in.

(SIDE RANT: If you see someone being picked on, it is okay to physically intervene only under the threat of injury or life. Once the confrontation is over find an adult IMMEDIATELY. Ignore all the bullshit social stigmas about telling on people, if someone is being physically or verbally abused you tell someone! It’s a common courtesy. WAS a common courtesy.)

Bullies 13-18, quick lesson for you. The 13-18 age gap is VERY small compared to the one you enter when you turn 19, you’re not going to be able to survive simply by flexing your muscles, acting tough and attacking anyone you feel like. There a people in the next age gap who will beat the piss out of you if you even rub them the wrong way. What happens then huh!? When you’ve been beaten up or verbally assaulted like your victims, what are you going to do? Shit all your tough guy act is going to do for you. When you’ve bullied you’re way through 13-18 one of the most important sections of your life, there will be NO ONE to help you when you’re on the receiving end. You’re “friends” won’t help you, your teachers won’t help you, life won’t help you. Because you have alienated all the important people in your life through being a self-centred ignorant jerk all you will have to help you is yourself and you’re going to feel exactly like your past victims because of it.

13-18 year olds… SHAPE UP AND GROW UP!

Thank you to anyone who read all the way to the end I commend you! The issue of youth bullying is one the continues year after year regardless of all that is being done to combat it because kids keep finding ways to just be generally rude. Please take a moment to share this to your page or message it to your friends, doing so only takes a few clicks and can mean so much in the progression toward the end of senseless bullying. With physical abuse being one of the leading causes of adolescent suicide we need all the help we can get.

As always, many thanks,


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