Internet rant part 2 (updated).

AGAIN please read all the way to the end.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to rant about the internet… AGAIN. If you haven’t seen my last rant about the internet you can simply scroll down if you’re on the main page or by clicking this link <– right there. In a somewhat LARGE amount of frustration I ranted my heart out (like the days of old) about people just being down right dicks by disrespecting and bullying another person. As both a subject of (mild) bullying and someone who has seen many people be bullied in some form over the years, I have developed a powerful hatred for the action taking place. With that being said, let’s get started.

Dear Ignorant people on Instagram,
*sighs* I hate this already……

Yes you “people”. I knew a day would come where I would unleash my opinions on you and that day my friends, is HERE.

But on a side note. In the immortal words of Terrance and Phillip…


(I needed something to respectful to refer to them as so I thought I’d go with something that would allow me to make an old ass reference, cause you know. WHY NOT!?).

Dear Ignorant people on Instagram!

We (everyone else on instagram) DO NOT give a SINGULAR SHIT about what you have to say about the rest of us on Instagram. SERIOUSLY DUDE!

Instagram WAS cool man, what the hell!? It was a nice way to share great photos (and not so great selfies) with people who wanted to see them and then Instagram’s ignorant population rocked up.

Do you know why body shaming wasn’t a major problem before social media? Because the only way you could make fun of the way someone looked  was in person, and doing that OFTEN would have resulted in the person getting punched. WHY OH WHY can’t we go back to those times!?

WOAH CALM DOWN IT’S OKAY I’m not condoning senseless violence, that’s wrong and the wrong is what I am trying to fix here. No my point is that if someone were to get punched in the face for a reason (minus anything the person volunteered for) they would tend to avoid the reason they got punched, THUS quickly learning not to be ignorant. Sadly violence IS bad so we can’t use this option


Dear ignorant people on Instagram,


CEREAL! (another South Park Reference. Look it up.)
Body shaming has no purpose on the face of this earth or any planet in the vicinity of this one (except the sun. Feel free to take your ignorance there). Yes I get that people don’t like each other for any number of reasons.

There are two things in this world, armpits and opinions. They both stink, everyone’s got them and no one wants someone else’s shoved in their face. I feel like if everyone learned that we could just get along. Such a simple concept yet there are so many stupid people getting in the way of it.

(SIDE NOTE: I feel like I keep making this disclaimer but when I say stupid people I’m not referring to people who aren’t as smart as others, that’s NEVER what I mean. What I mean is people who just don’t think before they act or speak and quite commonly end up making life miserable for people).

I feel like if every single word that was typed on the internet EVER was collated and everything that had something to do with body shaming was just went *POOF*, the internet would go from (if it were a book) the size of War and Peace (BIG book) to the size of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (children’s book).

There is just SO MUCH body shaming on Instagram (and the rest of the internet for that fact) that it truly disgusts me. So many little trolls on the internet sticking their noses in other people’s business because it’s “safe” and no one will ever find them.. Those people, come here. I want to tell you something.


Yes the internet is a wonderful enough place for people to be anonymous dicks as well as just general dicks. But the internet is also a wonderful enough place for ignorant rude people to get caught. YOU WILL SLIP UP AND YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!

(This post went no where real fast… Too many jokes).

Dear ignorant people ANYWHERE on the internet,

If you’re going to contaminate this world with your stupidity, go find a padded room to do it from.

*Drops mic*

Again thank you for making it all the way to the end especially with this post since it doesn’t exactly flow as easily as my last rant. The internet is nothing like that safe place it should be and unless people are proactive about making a change it never will be. Everyone should have a place to feel safe and for a lot of people, that was the internet. PLEASE do your part, share this and help put a stop to online harassment.


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