I’ll never write for tv…

If my last writing post shows anything it’s that when I do end up writing it’s often an interesting experience. A lot of the time I end up having to put in a lot more effort than I usually do to get something down on paper… Screen. One of those two.

Here and there I have been known to ever so proudly proclaim that “I’m a writer” when in all honesty most of the times I’m not. Half the time I just end up sitting down, writing a few hundred words and then stop for any number of reasons. Seldom are productivity rates high when I write.

My current novel attempt is on a bit of a hold (there’s a shocker) at the moment and the reason for it is the same reason why I’ll never write for television. Filler. Or the slightly more colloquial term; stuff that happens between other stuff.

As much as we want otherwise, tv shows and novels can’t always be exciting. It’s just far too much to take in. That’s why we use filler material. Parts of a chapter/ episode or even an entire is written so we can take a step back from the story line, these sections are used to give more back story if needed or to build up to a major point in the story line. It’s a key element in the writing process and I really can’t seem to do it.

I sit there staring back and the screen wanting to write something interesting eventually realising that’s what most of the last chapter was. Most of the time this is what’ll end a writing session. A mental blank shortly followed up with an admission of defeat.

If I tried to write a tv show it’d be 1 season spanning maybe 5 episodes of constant action. SO EXCITING its boring. It wouldn’t make it close to the 10-20(ish) episodes per seasons most shows maintain these days. It’d be like making a cake without the minor ingredients, it MAY be good but it’s not a cake without them. OR you could even say (if you’re into terrible dad like jokes) it’d be like a making a cake without filling.


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