About TWB

Welcome to the Word Board!

The Word Board is like the Black/white board one would find in any  class room based off the fact they both contain a multitude of pre-planned thoughts and ideas on what ever topic the teacher (in this case me) is informing their students (you) about.

The Word Board is the third of three blogs Callum has hosted and is a reincarnation of his second blog, An Opinionated World. Callum chose to start new and rebrand his blog in hope to improve and separate him self from his old writing style.

The name “The Word Board” was inspired by the WordPress chalkboard theme used as the starting theme for the original An Opinionated World blog.

Please note that although Callum does try to cover multiple points of view on topics he writes about, this blog is centralised around opinions and therefore posts (excluding rants) may contain trace amounts of bias.

This blog was created to share ideas and opinions with others and we would love for you to do the same! If you have anything you wish to share, please feel free to do so provided it’s on topic and appropriate for readers.

Supporters of TWB;


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