Pokémon Go: Good VS Bad.

Pokémon Go, the most recent game to come onto the phone gaming scene has taken its popularity by force. The Augmented Reality piece of genius took the Pokémon generations of kids at heart have come to know and love after 20 years as the mega franchise has dominated the gaming and handheld gaming worlds.

The game (for all who may not know already) is played by walking around with a players phone collecting Pokémon/eggs, items and visiting gyms and pokéstops brought to life by using the phone’s camera and augmented reality technologies.

After months of anticipation and predictions about what the game would be like when it was released, the game has millions of people playing it world-wide and the number continues to grow as it is slowly being released in more and more countries. People have even gone out of their way to acquire the game by other means before its actual release date in their country.

In a video entitled Pokémon MANIA, YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat shows exactly how many people are playing the game. We see groups of people all around his home town of New York City either huddled in groups or walking around on their phones playing the game.

Naturally the game is receiving both good and bad reviews, that tends to happen with most new releases these days. Although the game is receiving a tonne of good reviews I feel that it’s also receiving a heap of negativity that it doesn’t deserve.

As well as the advances in the way we play games, Pokémon Go has had a number of positive effects on the people playing it. Personal stories have come to light of people otherwise sedentary becoming active and moving around a lot more playing the game. On top of this, the game is benefiting players socially as well. Game meet-ups across the world have brought large groups of people together to play and discuss the game with like-minded fans who might have otherwise not taken the opportunity to have a more active social life.

On the inevitable other end of the spectrum, the game is receiving a substantial amount of bad reviews from people who are surprisingly more than people sharing how much they dislike the game. There are ACTUALLY some legitimate beefs with the game.

The extent to which Pokémon Go has its users staring at the phones and not what’s going on around them has caused some rather concerning and dangerous events. People are walking onto private property to catch Pokémon, people are walking out onto roads or into dangerous areas not paying attention and a group of teens even used some of the in-game features to rob other players in the area. These issues have caused some speculation on whether the game is more bad than good (or vice versa) and has set in stone many people’s opinions on the game.

Although serious issues, the aforementioned examples are not situations that can claimed as being caused by the game on its own. Human involvement and a lack of thought process  is also a part of these events taking place.

It’s a little a lot concerning that people babe actually put the thought into using the game as a way to assist them in committing a crime, but the game aside there will always be ways for similar events to take place. Criminals adapt to whatever situations they put them self in and until crime itself is brought under control, these events ARE going to take place.

In terms of people walking onto private property, walking out in front of or bumping into cars or people and walking into dangerous areas, yes it’s the game causing these people to not pay attention this doesn’t bring the blame solely on the game. Thousands of different apps and games on all kinds of devices distract people everyday, it’s the consumer that’s consciously walking out on the road. It takes two to tango.

Apps and games such as Facebook, Snapchat, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans… HELL even Tinder have amounted to similar levels of popularity as Pokémon Go has since it was released. Similar, not necessarily the same but similar. It all comes down to 2 important factors 1. As technology has vastly improved in the recent generations the global population is becoming engrossed in some cases at a rather unhealthy level. 2. People are taking in what’s going on around them less and less causing serious lapses of judgement.

Don’t just judge Pokémon Go… It’s not a bad game. In this situation like most I respect your right to opinions, please just express them in the right setting. Opinions can often ruin things for others so please think before you openly post your thoughts to Facebook… Try talking to someone who shares your opinions or you often rant to instead. That way the damage is limited.