Self Promotion Required.

I have come to find out that for some reason self promotion seems to be rather taboo in the world of online content creation social media. I can understand that it would get annoying if the promotion feels like you’re having something shoved down your throat but in moderation there REALLY ISN’T anything wrong with it. Unpopular opinion or not that’s just how I feel about it.

I HAVE to use self promotion for a number of reasons; 1. I don’t have the money for a fancy eye-catching website or for ads on Facebook 2. I’m not popular to the extent that people share my content simply because of the fact I made it and 3. I don’t have an abnormally large ass that I can rhythmically shake to repetitive, loud and often annoying techno music. Yes I am aware that last one is somewhat irrelevant, my brain thought it’d be funny to included.  #blamethebrain.

Without self promotion my view count would probably be less than half of what it is now. I mainly use social media to promote my writing with TWB having respective Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, I have WordPress set up so each time I post something a link is automatically posted on my personal Facebook account and I occasionally use my personal Snapchat account to promote new content. On top of that I use a lot of word of mouth (or the social media equivalent) often letting people I know will want to read my content when I post something new. Oh and Emails get sent to my followers when I post something new, but that’s more of a reminder than promotion.

Because this IS INDEED the internet, naturally people are going to have their own opinions on self promotion. That’s just a way of life. I just accept it and the world keeps turning. What REALLY shits me up the wall however is when people completely degrade self promotion like it’s the local racist person. More often than not, the people I see hating on people who self promote their content are people with somewhat decent followings on their platform(s) of choice (and by somewhat decent I mean 1000+) and sometimes even more. Not everyone is naturally successful or has their looks to bring them fame. Some content creators actually have to work to get their name out there.

FUN FACT: That rant was brought about by a snapchat hating on self promotion. It’s somewhat interesting that such emotion can come from a single photo I saw for at most 10 seconds.