I’ll never write for tv…

If my last writing post shows anything it’s that when I do end up writing it’s often an interesting experience. A lot of the time I end up having to put in a lot more effort than I usually do to get something down on paper… Screen. One of those two.

Here and there I have been known to ever so proudly proclaim that “I’m a writer” when in all honesty most of the times I’m not. Half the time I just end up sitting down, writing a few hundred words and then stop for any number of reasons. Seldom are productivity rates high when I write.

My current novel attempt is on a bit of a hold (there’s a shocker) at the moment and the reason for it is the same reason why I’ll never write for television. Filler. Or the slightly more colloquial term; stuff that happens between other stuff.

As much as we want otherwise, tv shows and novels can’t always be exciting. It’s just far too much to take in. That’s why we use filler material. Parts of a chapter/ episode or even an entire is written so we can take a step back from the story line, these sections are used to give more back story if needed or to build up to a major point in the story line. It’s a key element in the writing process and I really can’t seem to do it.

I sit there staring back and the screen wanting to write something interesting eventually realising that’s what most of the last chapter was. Most of the time this is what’ll end a writing session. A mental blank shortly followed up with an admission of defeat.

If I tried to write a tv show it’d be 1 season spanning maybe 5 episodes of constant action. SO EXCITING its boring. It wouldn’t make it close to the 10-20(ish) episodes per seasons most shows maintain these days. It’d be like making a cake without the minor ingredients, it MAY be good but it’s not a cake without them. OR you could even say (if you’re into terrible dad like jokes) it’d be like a making a cake without filling.

Writing; Confusing but I love it.

Writing and I have a very interesting relationship. A few years in we’ve had our share of successes and failures, but now we’re at the part where the cracks are starting to show.

I love to write. For periods of time it’s all I spent my days doing. Multiple English teachers could vouch for the fact I was never very good at it in the begging but that never seemed to stop me. I used to write pages and pages of completely (grammatically) incorrect nonsense. I still do mostly write pure nonsense, but at least now I can do it with more proper technique.

Although my passion for writing has not changed and I am eager to write more and more as the days pass, I just DON’T. As you would have seen if you read my last post you would now that I didn’t keep the promise I made. If you’re a regular here or know me personally, you would also know that this promise is one I have made before each time with slightly more or similar amounts of success as this time arround.

I am actually in the process of trying to write a book! With my track record when it comes to writing commitment it would seem like such a venture is impossible and frankly I am starting to agree with that. It’s something I have wanted to do for a very long time now and although I keep trying I seem to be making little to no progress.

I love to write! But sometimes it’s just pretty damn confusing. I can’t seem to figure out what to write about anymore. I wouldn’t say it’s writer’s block plaguing me, content block I feel would be a better way to describe it. I CAN write, It just takes me some time to think of something to write about. Whether it be an idea for a blog post or filler scenes for a chapter it, it takes a lot more time than it used to.

Luckily I am not one for giving up (anymore at least). I am here after all aren’t I!? I am not going to let this silly problem take the fun out of writing. It’s going take some effort to overcome it but a little bit of hard work has never done anyone any harm. Let’s see how it goes.

Expect future updates 🙂

Absolute Procrastination.

Unless this is the first time you are reading my blog, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that I procrastinate. I procrastinate so much before eventually blogging about it that my procrastination habits are equally as well known as the ABC’s. I don’t try to procrastinate. NO ONE tries to procrastinate… It just happens. One minute I’m thinking “Yeah I’m totally going to do some work!” and then all of a sudden *Poof*… Procrastination.

Normally I use writing to procrastinate, “Procrastablogging” if you will. However in the past few months I have descended into such a level of laziness I’m not even writing. I’m in a blogging limbo. I want to blog but it just doesn’t happen. I even wrote 3/4 of a post the other day that didn’t get to finish because I didn’t get back to it. I would say I had good reason for not getting back to it but I didn’t. There was a certain period of relevance for the post and I didn’t get back to finishing it in that time. Total laziness.

After 50 blog posts and 100 blog posts, I started to really rake in views. My posts weren’t all that good at that point, but because I was posting more than 3 times a week my writing was seen by more people. Consistency lead to views and consistency came from getting posts done and not procrastinating.

When it comes to life, procrastination is probably my number one demon. The really ironic thing is that I openly accept it but never really do anything about it. I procrastinate doing something about my procrastination problem. Weird no? Much like mankind will always collectively hate getting up in the morning, I will always procrastinate. It’s just a fact of life. What I really need to do is find a way to manage my procrastination. Although I feel like trying to do this will just end up in this entire process repeating itself. I guess we’ll see.

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Self Promotion Required.

I have come to find out that for some reason self promotion seems to be rather taboo in the world of online content creation social media. I can understand that it would get annoying if the promotion feels like you’re having something shoved down your throat but in moderation there REALLY ISN’T anything wrong with it. Unpopular opinion or not that’s just how I feel about it.

I HAVE to use self promotion for a number of reasons; 1. I don’t have the money for a fancy eye-catching website or for ads on Facebook 2. I’m not popular to the extent that people share my content simply because of the fact I made it and 3. I don’t have an abnormally large ass that I can rhythmically shake to repetitive, loud and often annoying techno music. Yes I am aware that last one is somewhat irrelevant, my brain thought it’d be funny to included.  #blamethebrain.

Without self promotion my view count would probably be less than half of what it is now. I mainly use social media to promote my writing with TWB having respective Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, I have WordPress set up so each time I post something a link is automatically posted on my personal Facebook account and I occasionally use my personal Snapchat account to promote new content. On top of that I use a lot of word of mouth (or the social media equivalent) often letting people I know will want to read my content when I post something new. Oh and Emails get sent to my followers when I post something new, but that’s more of a reminder than promotion.

Because this IS INDEED the internet, naturally people are going to have their own opinions on self promotion. That’s just a way of life. I just accept it and the world keeps turning. What REALLY shits me up the wall however is when people completely degrade self promotion like it’s the local racist person. More often than not, the people I see hating on people who self promote their content are people with somewhat decent followings on their platform(s) of choice (and by somewhat decent I mean 1000+) and sometimes even more. Not everyone is naturally successful or has their looks to bring them fame. Some content creators actually have to work to get their name out there.

FUN FACT: That rant was brought about by a snapchat hating on self promotion. It’s somewhat interesting that such emotion can come from a single photo I saw for at most 10 seconds.

My online presence.

I hate this post already. I hate making excuses and I hate having to write posts like this but sadly it has to be done.

I haven’t been posting here much at all lately and in my opinion it has been a while since I have posted consistently. Between school and writing for another website now has made my life a lot busier recently. In most instances recently, when my life has become more busy I haven’t been able to handle it all that well. I procrastinate A LOT and start to get stressed. One thing leads to another and it often doesn’t end well.

I am in no way giving up on blogging, TWB is my baby. However until I can learn to balance everything in my life more efficiently, blogging will have to take a back seat for a short while. I would eliminate some aspects if I could but sadly that’s just not the way it works. School is going to be important for the next few years and without the other website it’s a bit difficult to get my name out there in the writing scene so they both sit atop the list of importance. AGAIN TWB is my baby! Whenever I have an Idea for a post I’ll try my best to get it written and up as fast as I can.

Until I can start posting here more, I would LOVE for all of you to join me over on Lightly Buzzed. Lightly Buzzed is entertainment and news website brought to you by Fansided. The Fansided network hosts over 300 different websites on a range of topics from sports to entertainment & technology and more. I have held a Staff Writer position with Lightly Buzzed for 5 weeks now and in that time have posted four times so far, the newest of which was posted just one day (almost exactly) before this post.

Writing for Lightly Buzzed so far has been a somewhat interesting event. Because it’s style of writing I am not completely used to, finding the content, actually writing it, making it interesting and doing it all at least once a week has become a bit of a process. As I continue to do it over time and with more posts I will get better at it.

If you are interested in reading more from Fansided or Lightly Buzzed, use the above links.

If you are interested in reading any of my posts on Lightly Buzzed, this link will take you to my feed of posts.