Okay this just in. I got a hate comment on my last post (please don’t go looking for it I didn’t even approve the comment) essentially taking the piss out of the entire post. I’ve pretty much forgotten what the comment said because a) my brain is great like that and b) I try to ignore hate comments, but I am going to try to talk about it… Let’s see how this goes.

Yes I know the internet has been around a long time, to be honest I probably should have said before social media instead of before the internet but I feel like people got my point. I’ll give the hater 1 point (that’s all they get) because they did call me out on the “Do you know why body shaming wasn’t a thing before the internet?” line (I found the comment by the way), thank you internet troll I’ll update it so my point is valid. What I meant was that before social media body shaming wasn’t a major thing. People still would have had their opinions back then, but it was limited to the people around them instead of being able to find other people on the internet and hate on them as well. Sadly body shaming was always a thing and is likely to be a thing long into the future.

I’m not whining, I’m blogging (you should try it some time it’s fun).

Yes I know I’m fine, I appreciate you making that clear to me.

Yes I know not that many people read this blog (thank you for those who do.You rock!), it is MY blog after all and I look at the stats almost daily.

“If you care that much, actually do something…” this was my favourite part of the hate comment. Clearly this person  doesn’t know what my blog is about. That post was me doing something. YES IT WASN’T SERIOUS I KNOW THAT! My blog exists so I can share my thoughts with people who want to read them instead of having them suppressed by people who don’t. Yes it’s not really doing a whole lot but if I can make even a few people aware of what’s going on, that’s a step in the right direction.

I am sad my blog disappoints you but since you decided to tell me that the way you did instead of constructively you can refer to the armpits joke in my last post (I was proud of that one).

The comment ends with “Also if you want to make a serious point why would you ever refernce South Park” (Their spelling mistake by the way not mine)UHHHHH CAUSE I CAN BRO! It’s my blog and not yours. I can still make a point and be funny at the same time. Oh and if you look nice and close like, I even refer DIRECTLY to the fact the post wasn’t at all serious any more. I wonder what that could mean.

Okay a few things to know hater.

  1. I welcome hate but please do it with proper spelling and better grammar.
  2. Thanks to wordpress your comments won’t EVER see the light of day (unless I post about them again. TEEHEE).
  3. You clearly don’t understand the internet. Your comment wasn’t anonymised.
  4. Hate just makes me better. It fuels me to post more and get better at it (so thank you again).
  5. Hate JUST DOESN’T get to me anymore. I did but now it doesn’t. I’m just too used to it.

Thank you hater, this was fun. Let’s definitely do it again sometime.

Internet rant part 2 (updated).

AGAIN please read all the way to the end.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to rant about the internet… AGAIN. If you haven’t seen my last rant about the internet you can simply scroll down if you’re on the main page or by clicking this link <– right there. In a somewhat LARGE amount of frustration I ranted my heart out (like the days of old) about people just being down right dicks by disrespecting and bullying another person. As both a subject of (mild) bullying and someone who has seen many people be bullied in some form over the years, I have developed a powerful hatred for the action taking place. With that being said, let’s get started.

Dear Ignorant people on Instagram,
*sighs* I hate this already……

Yes you “people”. I knew a day would come where I would unleash my opinions on you and that day my friends, is HERE.

But on a side note. In the immortal words of Terrance and Phillip…


(I needed something to respectful to refer to them as so I thought I’d go with something that would allow me to make an old ass reference, cause you know. WHY NOT!?).

Dear Ignorant people on Instagram!

We (everyone else on instagram) DO NOT give a SINGULAR SHIT about what you have to say about the rest of us on Instagram. SERIOUSLY DUDE!

Instagram WAS cool man, what the hell!? It was a nice way to share great photos (and not so great selfies) with people who wanted to see them and then Instagram’s ignorant population rocked up.

Do you know why body shaming wasn’t a major problem before social media? Because the only way you could make fun of the way someone looked  was in person, and doing that OFTEN would have resulted in the person getting punched. WHY OH WHY can’t we go back to those times!?

WOAH CALM DOWN IT’S OKAY I’m not condoning senseless violence, that’s wrong and the wrong is what I am trying to fix here. No my point is that if someone were to get punched in the face for a reason (minus anything the person volunteered for) they would tend to avoid the reason they got punched, THUS quickly learning not to be ignorant. Sadly violence IS bad so we can’t use this option


Dear ignorant people on Instagram,


CEREAL! (another South Park Reference. Look it up.)
Body shaming has no purpose on the face of this earth or any planet in the vicinity of this one (except the sun. Feel free to take your ignorance there). Yes I get that people don’t like each other for any number of reasons.

There are two things in this world, armpits and opinions. They both stink, everyone’s got them and no one wants someone else’s shoved in their face. I feel like if everyone learned that we could just get along. Such a simple concept yet there are so many stupid people getting in the way of it.

(SIDE NOTE: I feel like I keep making this disclaimer but when I say stupid people I’m not referring to people who aren’t as smart as others, that’s NEVER what I mean. What I mean is people who just don’t think before they act or speak and quite commonly end up making life miserable for people).

I feel like if every single word that was typed on the internet EVER was collated and everything that had something to do with body shaming was just went *POOF*, the internet would go from (if it were a book) the size of War and Peace (BIG book) to the size of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (children’s book).

There is just SO MUCH body shaming on Instagram (and the rest of the internet for that fact) that it truly disgusts me. So many little trolls on the internet sticking their noses in other people’s business because it’s “safe” and no one will ever find them.. Those people, come here. I want to tell you something.


Yes the internet is a wonderful enough place for people to be anonymous dicks as well as just general dicks. But the internet is also a wonderful enough place for ignorant rude people to get caught. YOU WILL SLIP UP AND YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!

(This post went no where real fast… Too many jokes).

Dear ignorant people ANYWHERE on the internet,

If you’re going to contaminate this world with your stupidity, go find a padded room to do it from.

*Drops mic*

Again thank you for making it all the way to the end especially with this post since it doesn’t exactly flow as easily as my last rant. The internet is nothing like that safe place it should be and unless people are proactive about making a change it never will be. Everyone should have a place to feel safe and for a lot of people, that was the internet. PLEASE do your part, share this and help put a stop to online harassment.

Unpopular opinion: Please read all the way to the end.

This generation is seriously going to complete shit, and that I say with great disappointment because I am a part of this generation. Each and everyday I see more and more people getting picked on, more and more ignorance, more and more sexism and racism etc. and it’s an utter disgrace. There are people’s Facebook pages that you can open and every second post is about them getting picked on or something they feel is wrong with the world and that is truly sad. I have made mistakes in my time but I am able to look back and acknowledge that I have and use them to better my self, a SKILL I seldom see in most teenagers these days.

KIDS 13-18, SHAPE UP! What I see from you more often than is disgusting and brings about more and more negativity for the age gap. You have NO RIGHT to be picking on someone because there is NO justifiable reason, not even because they were picking on someone else. The most common reasoning behind bullying consciously and subconsciously is because the victim is weak, because the victim is vulnerable…. BULLSHIT! Real weakness is having to exert your dominance on someone who can barely defend him/herself just so you can look “cool”. You’re not “cool”, cool is anything below 18 degrees. Cool is anything you’d have to put a jumper on to feel comfortable in.

(SIDE RANT: If you see someone being picked on, it is okay to physically intervene only under the threat of injury or life. Once the confrontation is over find an adult IMMEDIATELY. Ignore all the bullshit social stigmas about telling on people, if someone is being physically or verbally abused you tell someone! It’s a common courtesy. WAS a common courtesy.)

Bullies 13-18, quick lesson for you. The 13-18 age gap is VERY small compared to the one you enter when you turn 19, you’re not going to be able to survive simply by flexing your muscles, acting tough and attacking anyone you feel like. There a people in the next age gap who will beat the piss out of you if you even rub them the wrong way. What happens then huh!? When you’ve been beaten up or verbally assaulted like your victims, what are you going to do? Shit all your tough guy act is going to do for you. When you’ve bullied you’re way through 13-18 one of the most important sections of your life, there will be NO ONE to help you when you’re on the receiving end. You’re “friends” won’t help you, your teachers won’t help you, life won’t help you. Because you have alienated all the important people in your life through being a self-centred ignorant jerk all you will have to help you is yourself and you’re going to feel exactly like your past victims because of it.

13-18 year olds… SHAPE UP AND GROW UP!

Thank you to anyone who read all the way to the end I commend you! The issue of youth bullying is one the continues year after year regardless of all that is being done to combat it because kids keep finding ways to just be generally rude. Please take a moment to share this to your page or message it to your friends, doing so only takes a few clicks and can mean so much in the progression toward the end of senseless bullying. With physical abuse being one of the leading causes of adolescent suicide we need all the help we can get.

As always, many thanks,

Self Promotion Required.

I have come to find out that for some reason self promotion seems to be rather taboo in the world of online content creation social media. I can understand that it would get annoying if the promotion feels like you’re having something shoved down your throat but in moderation there REALLY ISN’T anything wrong with it. Unpopular opinion or not that’s just how I feel about it.

I HAVE to use self promotion for a number of reasons; 1. I don’t have the money for a fancy eye-catching website or for ads on Facebook 2. I’m not popular to the extent that people share my content simply because of the fact I made it and 3. I don’t have an abnormally large ass that I can rhythmically shake to repetitive, loud and often annoying techno music. Yes I am aware that last one is somewhat irrelevant, my brain thought it’d be funny to included.  #blamethebrain.

Without self promotion my view count would probably be less than half of what it is now. I mainly use social media to promote my writing with TWB having respective Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, I have WordPress set up so each time I post something a link is automatically posted on my personal Facebook account and I occasionally use my personal Snapchat account to promote new content. On top of that I use a lot of word of mouth (or the social media equivalent) often letting people I know will want to read my content when I post something new. Oh and Emails get sent to my followers when I post something new, but that’s more of a reminder than promotion.

Because this IS INDEED the internet, naturally people are going to have their own opinions on self promotion. That’s just a way of life. I just accept it and the world keeps turning. What REALLY shits me up the wall however is when people completely degrade self promotion like it’s the local racist person. More often than not, the people I see hating on people who self promote their content are people with somewhat decent followings on their platform(s) of choice (and by somewhat decent I mean 1000+) and sometimes even more. Not everyone is naturally successful or has their looks to bring them fame. Some content creators actually have to work to get their name out there.

FUN FACT: That rant was brought about by a snapchat hating on self promotion. It’s somewhat interesting that such emotion can come from a single photo I saw for at most 10 seconds.

My online presence.

I hate this post already. I hate making excuses and I hate having to write posts like this but sadly it has to be done.

I haven’t been posting here much at all lately and in my opinion it has been a while since I have posted consistently. Between school and writing for another website now has made my life a lot busier recently. In most instances recently, when my life has become more busy I haven’t been able to handle it all that well. I procrastinate A LOT and start to get stressed. One thing leads to another and it often doesn’t end well.

I am in no way giving up on blogging, TWB is my baby. However until I can learn to balance everything in my life more efficiently, blogging will have to take a back seat for a short while. I would eliminate some aspects if I could but sadly that’s just not the way it works. School is going to be important for the next few years and without the other website it’s a bit difficult to get my name out there in the writing scene so they both sit atop the list of importance. AGAIN TWB is my baby! Whenever I have an Idea for a post I’ll try my best to get it written and up as fast as I can.

Until I can start posting here more, I would LOVE for all of you to join me over on Lightly Buzzed. Lightly Buzzed is entertainment and news website brought to you by Fansided. The Fansided network hosts over 300 different websites on a range of topics from sports to entertainment & technology and more. I have held a Staff Writer position with Lightly Buzzed for 5 weeks now and in that time have posted four times so far, the newest of which was posted just one day (almost exactly) before this post.

Writing for Lightly Buzzed so far has been a somewhat interesting event. Because it’s style of writing I am not completely used to, finding the content, actually writing it, making it interesting and doing it all at least once a week has become a bit of a process. As I continue to do it over time and with more posts I will get better at it.

If you are interested in reading more from Fansided or Lightly Buzzed, use the above links.

If you are interested in reading any of my posts on Lightly Buzzed, this link will take you to my feed of posts.

Why I’m Leaving Academia

All in all this post is amazing. Honestly it’s a bit long compared compared to most of the other blog posts I read and the piece of information I understood the best was the Gilmore Girls Reference, this aside this post is still one I greatly enjoyed reading. It gave some interesting insight into I world I know nothing about and from start to finish I was completely enthralled.

To anyone reading this, I highly recommend you take the time to sit down and give it a read!

Susan Zakaib

Don’t worry: this isn’t yet another rant about why academia is horrible and no one should ever go to graduate school. Yes, the ivory tower has its problems. But that’s not why I’m leaving.

Speaking openly, frankly and with optimism about “alt-ac” or “post-ac” careers is becoming increasingly common. But, with some notable exceptions, the conversation still seems focused primarily on how to use these careers as a back-up option when the academic track turns out to be terrible–the thing we do when we’re exhausted, buried under debt, and can’t get a good tenure track job. The thing we do only when Plan A goes horribly awry and gets too awful to deal with.

Even Karen Kelsky–who chose to leave her great tenured position because it wasn’t what she wanted–frames the decision to leave in this light:

It’s OK to quit. It’s OK to decide to move on and…

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Best of 2015 – Green Bay Packers

Shawn Hubbard / Photographer - Blog

With every new year there are new clients and 2015 presented me with some great opportunities.

Most of you know that I am a team photographer for the Ravens and while I love the work that I do with them, it’s not a full time gig. I work with a variety of other editorial and commercial clients throughout the year creating work that usually is not related to football.

However, last year was a little different. Aside from having the chance to photograph the Super Bowl as a part of the NFL’s photo team I was hired by the Green Bay Packers to create marketing imagery for their 2015 season.

My availability is always first committed to the Ravens, but since I only shoot about half of their away games, I do have a few weekends off during the season. I was able to make it to Green Bay for a few…

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Failure is not forever.

For those who know me, it’s likely to not take you a great amount of time to figure out the motivation behind this post. For those who don’t know me or live in a different country, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t know the events causing this post. It’s the post itself that’s important not the reasoning behind it.

In life there can and most likely will be a number of situations where we fall short of our goals and although it sucks (A LOT) and can be rather inconvenient at the time, know that even though we fall again and again it only makes getting up that little bit easier.

The expectations of others and more commonly the magnitude or importance of the set goal often brings about this feeling that we HAVE to achieve it or we are a complete failure. Being disappointed is natural. Although it’s tempting to just wallow in sadness and complain about life, failure is NOT forever. You’re only a failure if you tell yourself you are.

At first it may be hard to get past the concept of not doing as well as we hoped, we can use this emotion as a driving factor for the next attempt or even help find a different method of achieving the goal. Not doing well doesn’t necessarily mean you failed entirely, it’s likely there are some aspects that you did well at. With that in mind you can move onto things you didn’t do so well at and develop your skills moving you that much closer to your goal.

In those instances that repeating the task doesn’t seem all that appealing or may end up being tedious and an epic waste of time, look into alternate methods. Even though it too may take some time, it sure beats re-doing everything. On top of that you can get advice from others that may be of great help to you.

So until you can pick yourself up out of this slump, think about this quote and remember that millions of people worldwide are going through the exact same thing. No one is perfect.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead-end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley


What I did and Why.

Post content edited: 2/2/2016.

I’m not too sure if anyone has so far realised the changes I have made to my blog but they are some rather big changes so for a moment I’m just going to talk about what changes I made and why. I’m not sure how long this post will be or if it will be of decent length, it is here purely as an explanation.

Five or so months ago I created The Word Board as a space to facilitate the new style of blogging I was working on. I wanted to start writing more serious content and decided to start the new blog as opposed to deleting everything I had on my old blog and starting fresh, ruining everything I had built over the past 2 and a bit years.

Even though for a while I felt happy with how the blog looked and was proud of the new content I was writing, it just didn’t feel right for some reason. I was having fun with what I was doing but trying to rebuild the so far decent reader base I already had on my old blog just didn’t come as naturally as it did when I first gained the followers.

So what does this mean and what have I actually done?
Although I was originally rather hesitant in doing so, I changed up the look of my old blog and deleted all the old posts turning An Opinionated World into The Word Board 2.0. It’s more or less the same look (minus the few extra widgets I added) as the original Word Board looks with the EXACT same posts and all of the AOW followers.

Why change the blog if you weren’t going to originally? Even though I’ve made all these visual changes and even changed the name of my blog it’s STILL my baby. It’s still the blog I have worked hard on for 2 years trying to make it the closest thing I can get to perfect. Changes happen. Just think of it like someone dyeing his or her hair and moving to a new state.

So YES I am back! Not to AOW necessarily but I am back on this blog and ready for action. For all of my followers who have come to know and love An Opinionated World over the past 2 years THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything that you’ve done for me. I hope you will stick around and join me in YET ANOTHER new chapter in my blogging story but if this is where it ends for you, I hope you have a nice day and good luck with all of your adventures in the future.

I’m thankful.

Traditionally Thanksgiving was all about giving thanks for that years harvest but as the generations have passed and more people have given the holiday their own little touches, it has become more about giving thanks and being thankful for all the things we have in our lives. Although Thanksgiving has come and gone this year I would like to share with you a few things I’m thankful for.

  1. Life: It’s such a cliché answer but it’s true. I have had my ups and downs in my life but I can definitely say I’ve lived a good 18 years. I’m thankful for the fact that there’s a roof over my head and food on my table. So many things could have gone completely wrong in my life and every day I’m thankful that they haven’t.
  2. Friends: Friends are absolutely amazing! Sometimes (or a lot of the time) we can be painful people and as annoying as we can get our friends are still there for us. They are there to keep us grounded and help us when we’re down. To call us out when we’re being total d-bags or point us in the right direction when we’re wayward. Without friends it’s likely that a good percentage of the world could have turned out to be emotional wrecks or completely different to how we are today and for that I’m thankful.
  3. Family: We spend so long around our family and without them we’d be completely different people. Our family is there when we’re happy and they’re there when we cry, our family is there when we’re enjoying life and they’re there when we just want to give up. Our family are constant support for any issues life throws our way and without a doubt they’re some of the most important people in our life.

    Side note: There are A LOT of families around the world that are forced to live at a disadvantage for any number of reasons and I don’t want to brag or sound obnoxious, but I’m DEFINITELY thankful that I’m not in one of those situations. I look-up to and admire those people in every way as some of the difficult situations have created some of the strongest people this world has ever seen.

  4. Opportunity: The opportunities we are given in life make us the people we are. Being able to travel to different countries or go on trips to certain places can give great experiences and teach useful information. Opportunity can come in various forms and although I haven’t taken on some of the opportunities I’ve been given I am very thankful I have been given the chance to learn and improve my life.

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful for the things we are given in life but it’s not the ONLY day we can be thankful. People are thankful 365 days are year so instead of waiting for this day to make your appreciation known, speak up and let the people in your life know you appreciate them and what they’ve given you.