Anyone can do something.

Passion is a precious commodity,  an emotion that has led to many great occurrences over the years by those choosing to harness it. Each and every day, people across the world become more and more passionate about the things and people love. The problem however is that a lot of this passion falls by the wayside when our mind decides there’s nothing we can do with it.

“What good can I do?” Is a question I and I’m sure a lot of other people have asked them self numerous times. In such a big world it’s easy to feel so insignificant, so small. To feel like we can’t do a damn thing because we don’t have the “power” to. The simple truth however is that is a complete and total lie.

Not everyone has connections in high places or large sums of cash to donate to people in need, but what we do or don’t have shouldn’t limit what we are able to do for others. No act regardless of it’s size is insignificant. ANYONE can do SOMETHING to help.

Exhibit A: Stop a Douchebag.

Below is a video filmed by and uploaded to Russian Youtube channel Stop a Douchebag. The video shows a group of Russian citizens displeased with people ignoring road rules trying to show people about the dangers of reckless driving. A number of the situations shown in their weekly uploads end up becoming physical leading to them involving the authorities time and time again, but still these every day citizens continue their movement passionate about making the world a safer place.

Note: The name of the channel and movement is result of  translation issues. It’s intention is not to demean the subjects of the videos, they are extremely polite to others when they are polite to them.

Warning: This and other videos on the channel contain violence, threats of harm and PLENTY of swearing Russians. If any of this bothers you I strongly suggest you do not watch.


Exhibit B: Love Army for Somalia.

Love Army for Somalia is a Relief movement started by French YouTuber Jérôme Jarre and a group of his friends. Jérôme decided he wanted to put the connection he had with his 1 million+ subscribers into action and chose the famine in Somalia when he saw the effects it was having.

1 million YouTube subscribers is not a resource everyone has to make a change, however Jérôme and his friends were able to inspire over 90,000 people to selflessly donate their own money to those who needed more than they did. In the 2 months since the movement’s gofundme page was created, 2.8 million dollars has been raised.

YouTuber Casey Neistat made the following video about the movement.


For a more detailed description of the movement and updates on its progress, visit the gofundme page here –>

Exhibit C: Manchester rallying in time of tragedy.

As most people should know by now, just days ago an improvised explosive device was detonated at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England killing 22 people and injuring more than twice that. Since the incident occurred more and more images come out and truly saddening stories have been shared by the media of people who were at the concert or in the surrounding areas at the time of the explosion. However, the people of Manchester have kicked into high gear and have banded together to help refusing to let this bring their spirits down.

Hospital staff returned to treat the wounded and taxi drivers turned off their meters to make sure people got home safely. People have taken to social media with messages of support sharing images of people still lost and even offering to share their homes with anyone need of shelter or a way to contact their loved ones. Reports of immense acts of bravery and kindness have brought joy back to our hearts as details have come to light of a woman leading 50 teenagers to safety. Even a homeless man came to the help of others pulling nails of a child’s face stating ‘If I didn’t help, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for walking away and leaving kids like that’. If that doesn’t prove anyone can do I good I don’t know what will.


Doing something is easy, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Doing something can be as simple as spreading information so others too can act. All it takes is everyday human kindness. Not everyone will be able to donate money or share their houses with those in need and not everyone has the confidence to confront others about actions only making things worse, but everyone can do little things. Because in the end, doing the little things is far better than doing nothing.

If you wish to donate to support those effected in the Manchester bombing you can do so here;