Reasons for love.

Back when we were young and dumb and love seemed to be everyone’s business… In high school. Seemingly anyone in a relationship was asked the same question throughout the course of the first few years of school (we stopped being so involved after that). That question was “What’s 10 things you love about your partner?”

I never personally understood the point of the question, why we needed a list of things we loved about our significant others  let alone why we needed to repeat it to others. Whenever I was asked the question, luckily only one or two times I always gave a boring, unsatisfying answer. “There’s too many to list”  in some form was my answer of choice. I was even asked in response once “well then what’s 5 things you love about your partner?”, to which my response was simply that I didn’t know. The person asking went on to give me a disappointing look before talking to someone else.

Do we REALLY need to be able to list 10 things or 5 things? Why can’t the fact we love our partners for everything they are be acceptable? What made it even more ridiculous was the fact that a good portion of the answers I heard were aesthetic reasons. Their hair, their smile, their eyes etc. They aren’t wrong answers, a person’s reasons are their own. It’s just my opinion that love should be more personal than that.

To me love means loving a person for who they are including their flaws. To me love is about the memories you share and the experiences you have together. About feeling safe and warm in their arms and counting down the moments until you can see them again. About working together to improve after fighting. To ME love is about putting in nothing short of 100% when it comes to making your partner happy purely because they make you happy.

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