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Callum is a blogger/writer and an aspiring author that turned to blogging midway through 2013. As a place to host his ramblings, WordPress quickly became a second home for Callum as it convinced him that writing was what he wanted to pursue as a career shortly after starting.

A majority of the time Callum’s pieces are written in the form of an opinion piece often writing about topics he feels passionate about. Such topics include; current events, books/movies, media/electronics, world news and sports (some times) but never (NEVER) politics.

When not writing or blogging Callum frequents various social media sites and in 2017 hopes to return to studying.

To read Callum’s posts as they come out you can click the follow button (where ever they put it these days) or follow by email if you don’t have an account by using the widget in the right sidebar or by following the The Word Board Facebook page.

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